Cause Marketing Solutions

A Quick and Easy Fundraising Solution

One thing all non-profit organizations have in common is the need to generate funds to support their cause.  It is not the part of the mission that is the most fun or the one you might look forward to, but it is a necessary ‘evil’ so to speak.  Without money it is really impossible to support a cause and do the things the group wants to do.

Quite often your non-profit group has probably turned to fundraisers like car washes, bake sales or door to door sales of popcorn or cookie dough.  If you have gone down this road I am sure you are well aware of many of the problems that this brings with it.  Dealing with collections, sales and inventory are just a few of the many tasks that can make the fundraising board position the last one picked.

I have seen fund-raising from all sides.  As a parent, teacher, coach and club team board member I consider myself a fundraising veteran. 

And I am here today, standing on my veteran status soapbox, to tell you there is a better way.  I recently became aware of something called cause marketing or cause related marketing.  In my ‘expert’ opinion it is a much better way to get the money that used to be raised through fundraising.  It’s easier, takes less time and effort, and can make more money are just a few reasons  you might add your expert opinion to mine once you too have tried Cause Marketing!